August 2021


Manage your Unplanned Expenses with an Affordable Personal Loan!

Expenses and financial troubles rarely come knocking, and hence, it is often challenging to stay prepared for them at all times. However, modern banking has made provision for individuals to resolve their financial woes by simply applying for a personal loan. A personal loan can help you arrange for the money in time and in a hassle-free manner no matter your circumstance.

Be it a medical emergency or personal expense, marriage in the family or an international trip, you can simply opt for a personal loan to take care of these expenses. It has very fundamental eligibility criteria, like the applicant’s age, credit score, monthly income, current employer, liabilities etc., and the online process for loan application is hassle-free and quick!

Managing your personal loan

Once you apply for a personal loan, it is also essential to have a plan of repaying the EMIs. With the help of a personal loan calculator, you can have an estimate for the same as it will help you manage your personal loan at ease.

Here are a few things you must generally keep in mind to manage your personal loan:

  1. Remember to calculate your needs and assess your financial requirement before deciding on the loan amount.
  2. Plan your EMI repayment in advance.
  3. Pay your EMIs on time and keep tracking them routinely to avoid penalties or late charges.
  4. After certain months, you can opt to pay the top-up amount to reduce your monthly EMIs going forward and reduce your overall loan amount too.

It is important to develop a disciplined payment habit when it comes to loan EMIs, so you don’t face extra charges and maintain a higher CIBIL score as well.

Getting a personal loan at lower rates

When you apply for personal loan, it is critical that you try to get it at a lower interest rate as well, and there are a few ways you can ascertain that:

  1. Opt for a lending partner with a good relationship, where you have previously taken loans or have a recurring relationship. This way, you can get a better deal when you apply for a personal loan, as they already know your credit history, payment schedules and can help you smoothen the process too.
  2. Choose a co-borrower, so it can add to your credibility and help with your loan application process.
  3. Disclose your other income sources too, as this could help lower your interest rate. By doing this, you will be showing the lender your additional capacity to pay off the loan in time and letting them know how less is the risk involved.

At Finserv MARKETS, you can browse from the many lenders available and select the personal loan product by comparing their product offerings and interest rates. Remember to compare quotes from multiple lenders and opt for the one that offers a higher loan amount at reasonable rates.

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Top 3 Reasons To Be A TEFL Certified Person

Many countries consider a TEFL certification a hiring requirement. Nowadays, English is a pervasive language. It is a must to know about it. Many people students go for learning English due to the popularity of the English language. If you know it and are good at teaching someone, I would recommend you be a foreign teacher for teaching English.

You will get a bunch of career opportunities, in addition, you will be paid a good salary. Let’s discuss the TEFL certificate first. Then, we will talk about the reasons to be TEFL Certified.

What is a TEFL Certification Program?

TEFL is an abbreviation of teaching English as a foreign language. The concept is similar, but the program name got changed as per the country. It is a program that is designed to guide teaching methods to tutors. As we are aware that demand for learning foreign languages is rising, English is one of them, and Learning it; a qualified teacher is required who helps their students by making the learning process easier fr their students.

As we know, a teacher who will teach foreigners will have to deal with non-English speakers, so such teachers enroll in a TEFL certification program to learn techniques and methods to make the English learning process much easier and instructive. Now, we will talk about the reasons to be TEFL Certified.

  1. Qualified For Job Opportunities-

Nowadays, it is easy to teach someone through online teaching methods. You do not need to travel abroad for the job because you can handle your work by being at home through a device with a good internet connection.

Teaching the English language online is a fun and flexible job. If you are TEFL certified, you will earn at your home and get paid in U.S.  dollars. In addition, it’s all upto you when you want to give classes. So choose the schedule as per your free time.

Many people started teaching English abroad in their part-time but make it their profession and career full-time.

  1. Become A Teacher In Foreign Country-

A TEFL-certified person is eligible to teach English in almost any country of his choice if they meet the hiring requirements and eligibility.

If your dream is to be a teacher in a foreign country, then get a TEFL certification and make your way to achieve this dream. You will be able to teach in countries like  UAE, china, japan, south Korea, etc.

  1. Better At Serving Students-

For a teacher, students are the priority. It’s a  job of a teacher to sever best to his students. A TEFL-certified teacher is more good at making his students understand the English language than a  traditional teacher.

During TEFL certification programs, teachers get access to methods and techniques to better their students’ learning. In addition, such teachers get trained to provide classes to non-English speakers and make everything easy for them. If you want to be a teacher abroad for teaching English, I recommend you enroll in the TEFL certification program.

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