May 2022


Why Safeguarding is Essential for Teaching Establishments

If you’ve never heard of safeguarding training and you work with vulnerable people, you need to pay attention to this article.

Whether you area teacher or another kind of educator, you are in a position where you work with vulnerable people. Special training is therefore necessary to prevent any lack of foresight. Children and vulnerable adults depend on those that care for them to be their voice when they don’t know how to speak up. Safeguarding training is the tool that allows us to notice the small signs that something might be wrong in our student’s lives.

Let’s talk about safeguarding training. We will outline what it is exactly, then discuss why your educational facility needs it. Whether you operate a school, college, university, or youth group, it is your responsibility to be your student’s protector. Here’s everything you need to know to stay ahead.

Defining Safeguarding

Safeguarding applies to anyone who is in a vulnerable position, but it especially applies to our children. Young people don’t have enough knowledge of the world to recognise and speak out about things that are ‘wrong.’ A child could be dealing with an abusive parent, could suffering and malnourished, or could suffer beatings. They wouldn’t know that it was wrong because it would be their only experience of life. This puts them in an incredibly vulnerable position where they depend on the other adults in their life to safeguard them from these things. You can read the Ofsted safeguarding policy here for a good example of how it should look.

We apply this term to the act of studying the small signs that indicate a child is in danger. IT could be the things that they don’t say, instead of the words they do use. It could be in their actions or their mental health. Whatever these small signs are, it takes special training to enable teachers to pick them out. Without safeguarding training, thousands of children in the UK would be in danger of abuse and neglect.

What Safeguarding Training Includes?

Safeguarding Training includes 23 wellbeing courses & 7 safeguarding courses when you choose to work with Hays as your safeguarding training provider. They have an excellent reputation and offer full compliance training for teachers, too.

Good safeguarding courses include ways your teachers can protect themselves from the potential psychological harm of seeing students who suffer neglect or abuse. It includes mental health awareness classes, sessions on recognising abuse both on and offline, and achieving compliance with government regulations. It teaches your HR department how to hire safer staff, and studies behaviour as an indication of other problems at home.

Why Your School Needs it?

Your school needs safeguarding training at regular intervals, as well as a safeguarding lead who oversees re-training sessions. The UK government have issues strict guidance for schools in regard to the safeguarding of young, adult, and vulnerable people. Abuse and neglect can happen at any age and to any person, so this form of training is an essential part of protecting your charges and simultaneously protecting the school’s reputation.

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