How to Immerse your Child to Mandarin Chinese without Going to China

Starting to speak Mandarin Chinese from a young age helps a child develop a strong knowledge of the language. Also, it makes it possible for them to communicate with Chinese native speakers, which will be a big asset for them in the future as they enter the job market. Kids are known for learning foreign languages faster than adults when immersed in a country.

Immersing in China is the best way to learn Mandarin Chinese. But, kids who are living in an English-speaking country can find it hard to learn another language.

If you are a parent who wants your child to learn mandarin for kids, below are some ways to give your child immersion to the language:

Online Mandarin Classes

A lot of online Chinese learning platforms exist to support kids in achieving a good level of Chinese at a young age. They have a few minutes of one-on-one online courses for kids. You can arrange your kid’s schedules at their convenience. Thus, regardless of a student’s location, they can always connect with the Chinese language. Chinese tutors online even redesign textbooks to offer standardized teaching materials and precise teaching. A lot of them offer round-the-clock classes, which means you can arrange the class for your little one whenever you like.

Bilingual Caretaker

Check out for agencies that employ a Chinese-speaking person to take care of your child while speaking to them in Mandarin only. This will let your child experience a Chinese-speaking environment and interact with a fluent Chinese-speaking caretaker. Suggest playing games in Chinese, doing artistic activities in Chinese, and reading stories in Chinese. This immersion will help your child improve their Mandarin skills in no time.

YouTube Videos

Children love cartoons and can understand the story even without speaking the language as images tell the story by themselves. There are many nice cartoons in Chinese on YouTube for your child to watch. In just a few months, you can expect your child to develop strong basic listening skills. Additionally, cartoons in Mandarin use Chinese subtitles which can train your child in their reading skills.

We can only understand Chinese people and their culture if you learn Chinese and understand the language’s structure. As with other languages, Chinese has a lot of words and expressions that reflect Chinese traditions, ideas, and values passed down from generation to generation. With China being a major play in the global economy, there is an increasing demand for experienced professionals who have mastered the Chinese language. Learning the language will provide your child with the opportunity to stand out and grab the attention of future employers.